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ON Semiconductor to Host a Series of Power Supply Live Streams to Improve Engineers’ Power Design Acumen

Online live broadcast will help engineers keep abreast of the latest progress in power supply design

Onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in smart power and IntelliSense technology, will host a series of live power supplies for engineers to improve their power design acumen to improve energy efficiency and systems performance.

Silicon carbide (hereafter “SiC”) is critical for improving the energy efficiency of electric vehicles (hereafter “EV”), EV charging, energy infrastructure and industrial automation. ON Semiconductor’s Power Supply Online Live will be held from November 4th to November 30th, 2022, focusing on SiC and improving energy efficiency, including in-depth technical and practical sharing of six topics, covering new and advanced power supply concepts, basic design Principle tutorial, as well as practical application cases.

The live broadcast will be conducted in Mandarin, and power engineers in China can choose to participate in the topics most relevant to their design needs:

1. November 4: Silicon Carbide (SiC) – From Challenging Materials to Robust Reliability

This live broadcast will describe how ON Semiconductor ensures quality and reliability methodology from first design to mass production. For decades, ON Semiconductor has demonstrated high efficiency using this method for automotive silicon-based products, and has tailored this method to the specific needs of SiC products. The livestream will also highlight how engineers can ensure the integrity and reliability of the gate oxide of SiC MOSFET transistors during development as the market evolves towards SiC.

2. November 11: Design experience of 25kW DC fast charging pile module for electric vehicles based on SiC

This livestream will focus on tips and tricks from a hardware and firmware design perspective and the debug phase, share development and testing tips for a 25kW DC charging module, and explain how to test and fine-tune the short-circuit desaturation protection, as well as cause SiC MOSFET drain voltage oscillations. The reason for the bell.

3. November 18: SiC simulation for application evaluation

This two-part livestream will focus on results that can only be obtained through simulation and how it can be used for some high-power conversion topologies.

4. Nov 23: High Density 3kW Totem Pole PFC and LLC Power Supplies Based on SiC

This live broadcast will introduce an LLC power supply scheme using a SiC-based totem pole PFC followed by secondary side control. Replacing the input rectifier bridge with a bridgeless PFC can improve efficiency. By using SiC MOSFETs in a totem-pole PFC architecture, it is possible to achieve higher power density and efficiency because at this power level, the switching frequency is much higher than other schemes.

5. November 25: Addressing Ultra-Dense Design Challenges with 300 W Totem-Pole PFC and LLC Power Supplies

This livestream introduces an ultra-dense 300 W power supply scheme that replaces the input diode bridge with a totem pole PFC circuit. It uses an LLC converter with synchronous rectification and integrated driving gallium nitride (GaN) devices to implement the LLC’s 500 kHz switching, which greatly reduces inductor size.

6. November 30: How to Drive a BLDC Motor Using the Motor Controller Development Tool

This livestream will explore the trend to accelerate energy efficiency and how this affects application design for offline power supplies. It will also cover setting up the ECS640A evaluation board and issuing BLDC motor movement commands using the ecoSpin Motor Controller Graphical User Interface (ecoSpin DTFC* GUI) application. step process.