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MVG partners with Spirent to advance OTA testing

Developers across multiple industries can now test their devices under the most realistic conditions

Microwave Vision Group (MVG), a leader in antenna measurement solutions, today announced that Spirent Communications’ (Spirent) GSS7000 GNSS simulator has been successfully integrated into MVG’s OTA test and passive antenna test systems. MVG is able to characterize and evaluate antennas to test wireless connectivity, reliability and standards compliance.

With the tight integration of multiple antennas in advanced wireless devices, OTA testing has become the norm in the evolution of this technology. The MVG Near Field Test System performs fast and accurate measurements and OTA testing of antennas designed for satellite communications and other GNSS-enabled products, systems and networks.

Spirent is an industry-leading provider of next-generation equipment and network test and assurance solutions, whose technology and proven performance provide outputs closely related to real-world GNSS configurations, enabling a more efficient and accurate test environment .

“The enhanced capabilities and features of Spirent’s GNSS simulators provide developers with a wide range of use cases—whether it’s mobile phones, assisted vehicles, or fighter jets, with access to the industry’s best performance,” said Adam Price, vice president of Spirent’s PNT business unit. True GNSS simulation capabilities. Our integration with MVG OTA test systems such as the multi-probe antenna measurement system SG24 or StarLab provides a cutting-edge test solution that will help accelerate the development of next-generation products and systems.”

Nicolas Gross, Director of R&D at MVG, said: “We are proud to integrate Spirent’s GSS7000 into our OTA test system to provide our customers with more choice. The Spirent simulation system’s open application programming interface enables integration with Seamless integration of our multi-system test racks. Customers can choose our combined solution with confidence.”

“This collaboration between Spirent and MVG greatly improves the integrity and utility of antenna test and measurement results in real-world simulated environments,” added Mr. Price.

As connectivity in areas such as automotive, aviation, and more becomes more complex, so does the need to ensure that all technologies work together the way they should. Spirent’s integration with the MVG test system enables R&D engineers, especially those performing test tasks in an anechoic chamber, to integrate the antenna with the vehicle into a test environment as close to the real-world signal environment as possible, while still Full controllability and repeatability can be maintained.

About French MVG

The French Microwave Vision Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of antenna test and measurement systems, RF safety equipment and electromagnetic compatibility. Its source company, SATIMO, was first established in France in 1986. With the expansion of its business, MVG Group was formally established in 2008. It includes four major industrial enterprises: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and Rainford. The group has seven R&D and production bases around the world: the factory in the Middle East specializes in the production of positioning systems, the five factories in Europe are responsible for the production of antennas, detection arrays, darkrooms and test and measurement systems, and the factory in the United States is responsible for production. Absorber. MVG Group entered China in 2004. In order to support the development of China’s local market, the group has a subsidiary Microwave Vision AMS in Hong Kong. In October 2017, the first domestic subsidiary was established in Shenzhen: MVG China – MVG Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The group’s professional project and technical teams are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an, China, providing integrated project design, implementation and management services for Chinese customers.

With advanced test solutions for antenna characterization, radar signature evaluation, and electromagnetic measurements, we support corporate R&D teams to drive innovation and facilitate product development. For more information, please visit the official website:

About Spirent

Bolen Communications Limited (LSE: SPT) is a leading global provider of automated testing and assurance solutions for networking, cybersecurity and location. The company provides innovative products, services and managed solutions to address the testing, assurance and automation challenges of next-generation technologies including 5G, SD-WAN, cloud, autonomous vehicles and more. From the lab to the real world, Spirent helps companies deliver on their promise to customers for the next generation of connected devices and technologies. For more information, visit