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ON Semiconductor and Ride Vision Partner to Provide Advanced Safety Solutions for Motorcycle Riders

Ride Vision, the first to enter the two- and three-wheeler lifesaving market, is a disruptor innovator

ON Semiconductor (onsemi, NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and smart sensing technologies, announced a partnership with Israel’s Ride Vision to develop advanced safety solutions for motorcycle riders. Ride Vision’s industry-leading collision avoidance technology (“CAT”) for motorcycles combines machine vision with artificial intelligence (AI) and works based on high dynamic range data captured by ON Semiconductor’s AR0147AT automotive-grade image sensor . CAT warns cyclists of impending hazards on the road in a timely manner, avoiding a high percentage of traffic accidents and helping to save lives.

Two cameras with AR0147AT image sensors are used in each system, mounted on the front and rear of the motorcycle. The camera captures high-quality images and transmits them to a small on-board processing unit, which uses Ride Vision’s proprietary and unique algorithms for two- and three-wheelers to provide cyclists with 360-degree collision warnings in real time without blind spots .

Uri Lavi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ride Vision, said: “We are excited that the results of this partnership will help improve road safety for all cyclists. We combine ON Semiconductor’s high dynamic range sensor series with our own The technology combines to provide the highest level of safety for motorcyclists.”

Modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been used in automobiles for decades, and various regulatory agencies around the world have introduced regulations mandating the use of safety-oriented technologies aimed at reducing fatalities among motorists. But those regulations are not enforced on motorcycle users, who kill more people each year than motorists.

“Motorcycles and cyclists travel in the same traffic and weather conditions as other motorists, but have not historically been protected by the same level of safety mechanisms,” said Chris Adams, vice president and general manager of ON Semiconductor’s automotive perception business. Our partnership with Ride Vision to develop this advanced safety solution changes that, giving motorcycles the same high-performance, high-dynamic-range image sensors found in passenger cars. Keeping all road users safe is the ultimate goal The most important thing about Vision Zero.”

Ride Vision users can customize the level of warning they wish to receive within the personal app and have access to a three-hour continuous loop video of all their rides, facilitating insurance claims and leisure. Ride Vision is currently the only commercial Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) designed for two-wheelers and three-wheelers, and has already set off a boom in select markets around the world, including Israel, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and will soon enter the United States.

The AR0147AT, a member of ON Semiconductor’s Hayabusa sensor family, features scalable resolution and high dynamic range with LED flicker reduction (LFM) function, and is in mass production. Please contact your ON Semiconductor sales representative for more information.