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ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 SensiML artificial intelligence/machine learning perception solution won the artificial intelligence product innovation award

ON Semiconductor (onsemi, NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and intelligent sensing technology, announced its RSL10 SensiML artificial intelligence/machine learning perception solution (hereinafter referred to as RSL10 SensiML AI/ML perception solution) in electronic enthusiasts (elecfans) won the “Most Innovative Product Award” in the “2022 China Artificial Intelligence Excellence Innovation Award” selection. Electronic Enthusiast is a leading electronic industry portal in China, with more than 5 million registered members. This is the third time that ON Semiconductor has won the “Most Innovative Product Award” since the award was first launched in 2020.

The award recognizes outstanding products with innovative value and far-reaching influence in the artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “AI”) market, empowering the prosperity and development of China’s AI industry. All nominated products are selected through online voting and expert selection.

The RSL10 SensiML AI/ML perception solution combines SensiML’s Analytics Toolkit development software with ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 sensor development kit to create an ideal AI/ML perception platform for edge-sensing applications such as industrial production process control and monitoring.

Chris Rogers, CEO of SensiML, said: “We are honored to partner with ON Semiconductor to create the RSL10 SensiML AI/ML perception solution. We have always believed that the two parties have jointly developed a world-class solution, and it is great to see this result recognized by AI Excellence. Innovation Award.”

SensiML can support AI functions in a small memory space, coupled with the advanced perception and Bluetooth low energy connectivity provided by the RSL10 platform, enabling sophisticated intelligent perception without the need for cloud analysis of highly dynamic raw sensor data.

Featuring the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit combines the RSL10 radio with a full suite of environmental and inertial motion sensors on a tiny board, ready to interface with the SensiML Toolkit. Using the RSL10-based platform and SensiML software together, developers can easily add low-latency, native AI predictive algorithms to their industrial wearables, robotics, process control or predictive maintenance applications, regardless of their data science and AI expertise.