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ON Semiconductor’s Secure Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 Microcontroller RSL15 Receives Innovative Product Award

Onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in smart power and smart sensing technologies, announces its secure RSL15 wireless microcontroller (MCU) supporting Bluetooth® Low Energy (“BLE”) wireless connectivity ) won the “Star of the Internet of Things – Best Innovative Product Award” for its advanced system-level security features and leading high energy efficiency.

The annual selection of IoT Stars has been held for 14 years, aiming to promote the development of the IoT industry while commending leading companies and outstanding product innovations. The award is judged by hundreds of industry insiders, from chip manufacturers, sensor companies, wireless communication companies to integrators, operators and end users, based on technological innovation, high market application value and market space.

The RSL15 has the industry’s lowest power consumption and set a new record for Bluetooth 5.2 energy efficiency in the EEMBC ULPMark™ CoreMark project. Featuring BLE wireless connectivity, the RSL15 can meet the growing demand for connected applications, from beacons for contact tracking to asset-trackable tags, all powered by small batteries.

While maintaining its state-of-the-art power consumption, the RSL15 is designed with Arm® TrustZone® technology to establish a device root of trust, and Arm CryptoCell™-312 technology to protect code and data authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. This PSA Class 1 certification design enhances the security measures originally provided as part of the Bluetooth protocol, thus providing assurance at the application and software level.

Designers can obtain the free tool RSL15 Battery Life Calculator from the ON Semiconductor Community Forum, a calculator that uses more than 600 bench measurement input data to provide highly accurate device power consumption estimates. Using the RSL15 Battery Life Calculator early in the new product development phase can save designers of BLE-enabled beacons or tags months of development time.