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ON Semiconductor’s silicon carbide technology empowers the pure electric vehicle VISION EQXX to last longer on a single charge

ON Semiconductor is part of a strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz to supply the automaker with energy-efficient silicon carbide (SiC) power modules to increase the range of its VISION EQXX

Onsemi (onsemi, NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and intelligent sensing technology, announced that Mercedes-Benz has adopted ON Semiconductor’s silicon carbide (hereinafter referred to as “ONSemi” in its main drive inverter) SiC”) technology, which is part of the strategic cooperation between the two companies. ON Semiconductor’s VE-Trac SiC module improves the energy efficiency and reduces the weight of the Mercedes-Benz pure electric vehicle VISION EQXX main drive inverter, increasing the cruising range of electric vehicles by 10%. The electric car completed the 1,202km (747-mile) journey from Stuttgart, Germany, to Silverstone, England, holding the record for the furthest distance traveled on a single charge.

The VISION EQXX sets new standards in electric vehicle range and efficiency, while still maintaining sustainability and luxury – consuming less than 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per 100 kilometers (62 miles). That’s because of its baseline coefficient of traction of just 0.17, a lightweight design with less rolling resistance, and the ability to store 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity using batteries that take 50 percent less space (and are 30 percent lighter) than comparable batteries. The key to achieving this unprecedented range is an electrical system that ensures that 95 percent of the electricity stored in the main drive battery reaches the wheels – compared to around 30 percent for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles , which is a huge improvement.

Simon Keeton, Executive Vice President of ON Semiconductor and General Manager of the Power Solutions Division, said: “ON Semiconductor not only has excellent SiC technology, which enables electric vehicles to last longer, but also provides customers with a guaranteed supply of SiC solutions and provides the necessary scale support for production. And provide a broad portfolio of smart power and smart perception solutions. Because our SiC solutions provide high energy efficiency, customers do not need to make a trade-off between battery cost and vehicle range.”

A core part of ON Semiconductor’s differentiation is its packaging expertise, which not only facilitates improved heat dissipation and higher power output, but also reduces the weight and cost of the power module while occupying a smaller footprint than the closest competitor. ON Semiconductor is the only large-scale SiC solution provider with end-to-end SiC supply capabilities, including bulk SiC ingot growth, substrates, epitaxy, device fabrication, best-in-class integrated modules and discrete packaging solutions.

Experience the VISION EQXX, learn about the ON Semiconductor technology behind it, and chat with ON Semiconductor experts at the ON Semiconductor booth (Hall C4, #101) at electronica in Munich. The world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics is taking place from November 15-18, 2022 at the Messe Messe trade fair in Germany.