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ON Semiconductor’s New Approach to Inductive Position Sensing Accelerates Time to Market

NCS32100: Rotary position sensors are designed to overcome the limitations of inductive sensing, Bringing high-precision support at high speeds to industrial applications

Onsemi (onsemi, NASDAQ: ON), which is ahead of intelligent power supply and intelligent sensing technology, has launched an innovative dual inductance rotary position sensor NCS32100, which provides convincing high speed and high precision. The NCS32100 uses a new patented method for inductive position sensing, making it ideal for applications where fast moving robots and industrial robots are deployed.


While the characteristics of inductive encoders make them very attractive for industrial applications, use cases have historically been limited to applications at low speeds and where high accuracy is not required. Using its more than 20 years of expertise in designing inductive sensors, ON Semiconductor combines the reliable advantages of inductive encoders with the high precision and high speed typically found in mid- to high-end optical encoders. Enables the NCS32100 (38 mm sensor) to provide +/-50 arc seconds accuracy at 6,000 RPM. In the case of sacrificing some precision, NCS32100 can support up to 100,000RPM speed.


“The NCS32100 uses firmware that directly outputs absolute position and velocity, pre-installed in its integrated microcontroller (“MCU”), providing a simple “plug and play,” said Michel De Mey, vice president of ON Semiconductor’s Industrial Solutions Division With “Scheme. The level of integration of the NCS32100 can significantly reduce design time and external component count requirements, speeding time to market and enabling more compact and efficient designs.”


Several key features of inductive sensors make them ideal for industrial applications where dust, oil, temperature and humidity have little effect on their accuracy. The NCS32100 device also has an integrated self-calibration routine to account for mechanical misalignment of the sensor. A high degree of configurability is available for a variety of printed circuit board (“PCB”) sensor designs, enabling original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) to configure and differentiate their solutions. The integrated MCU contains non-volatile flash memory (hereinafter referred to as “NVM”) and a configurable interface to communicate with the main processor.