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Year-end search and inventory of automotive materials

Previously, the investment bank Morgan Stanley predicted that the shortage of car cores would soon be over, which aroused heated discussions in the industry. But as far as the current situation is concerned, there is still a structural shortage of car cores, and car companies are still unable to fully open their production capacity due to a shortage of a few chips. Based on the huge demand brought about by the transformation of the automobile industry, original factories, wafer foundries and even IC design factories are actively deploying car cores. While seizing the “blue ocean”, they can also avoid the adverse effects of the decline in consumer electronics.

So for distributors, it is particularly important to keep pace with the original factory, meet new demands in the automotive field in a timely manner, and roll out corresponding product lines. Judging from the hot search statistics of the “Innovation Index” in November, the proportion of automotive materials is still not small, and there are many “new friends” besides many “old acquaintances”, let’s take a look together .

Texas Instruments (TI):


DS90UB947-Q1 is a serial deserializer that complies with the automotive AEC-Q100 standard and is used in automotive infotainment systems and other occasions. The monthly search volume of the innovation index of this material kept growing throughout the second half of the year, and reached a new peak in the past November, showing that its demand is quite strong.


The TPS7A16xx-Q1 is a low-dropout voltage regulator that meets the automotive AEC-Q100 standard and is used in automotive battery systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and more. The monthly search volume of this material also continued to grow in the second half of the year, and reached a new peak in the past November, showing that its demand is quite strong.


The TPS92520-Q1 is a dual synchronous buck LED driver, automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, for automotive headlamps and adaptive LED driver modules. The heat of this material once reached a peak in August, and the heat has picked up significantly in the past two months. The past November has approached the previous high.

4、 TPS57040QDGQRQ1

The TPS57040-Q1 is a step-down converter, automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, used in automotive braking systems and airbags, and also has applications in 12V and 24V industrial low-power systems. The heat peak of this material appeared in August and October, and the heat has subsided to some extent, which seems to indicate that its market demand has been partially met.


The TPS7A6x-Q1 is a low-dropout linear regulator qualified to the automotive AEC-Q100 standard for always-on battery applications such as body control systems and keyless entry. The heat peak of this material was around June, and it has gradually decreased since then. Referring to information on price quotations, market inventory, etc., it seems that their needs have been met.

6、 LM73606QRNPRQ1

The LM7360x-Q1 is a step-down converter, automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, for use in automotive battery systems. The popularity of this material has skyrocketed in the past two months, which may indicate that its demand is growing rapidly.


TPS1H100-Q1 is a single-channel intelligent high-side switch that complies with the AEC-Q100 standard for vehicles and is used for low-power lamp power switches in vehicles and high-voltage side power switches for sub-modules, etc. There was a peak in the heat of this material in the middle of the year, and the recent heat is higher than that time.

STMicroelectronics (ST):

1、 VNH5050A-E

This material is a full-bridge motor driver for vehicles, which can be used in various vehicle applications. Its popularity has continued to grow this year, and it has jumped to the highest peak so far in the last two months.

2、 VNH7040AYTR

This material is also a full-bridge motor driver for vehicles, and its popularity has also risen in a straight line in the past two months, reaching the highest level so far.



This material is an automotive MCU that can be used in automotive instrumentation systems. After a long period of relative “quietness”, the heat of the material skyrocketed.



These two materials are Ethernet transceivers, which can be used in many fields such as vehicle and industrial control. In the past few months, these two materials often appeared in the hot search list at the same time, and the popularity is still very high.



These two materials are the original Freescale S12 series 16-bit MCU with integrated CAN interface for the control of automotive CAN nodes and components such as air conditioners, lighting, seats, and seat belts. Their popularity has risen rapidly recently, and the former had a round of peaks in the third quarter.

2、 MCF5282CVM66

This material belongs to the original Freescale MCF528X series 32-bit MCU, which has passed the AEQ-100 certification and is suitable for automotive applications. Its searches have continued to rise since the third quarter, peaking so far in November.


1、 NCV7321D12R2G

This material is a LIN bus transceiver, which is used for car locks, rearview mirrors, seats and other components. The LIN bus in the car is used to transmit low-speed data generated by small parts such as car locks, rearview mirrors, seats, and sunroofs, which can simplify the lines. The search volume of this LIN bus material has increased rapidly in recent months, especially in October and November, when it reached its highest level so far.

2、 NUP2105LT1G

This material is a two-wire CAN bus protection diode, suitable for industrial control and vehicle network applications. Its popularity has not been low this year, and it has maintained an upward trend despite ups and downs. It reached the highest level so far in November, indicating that the market may have a relatively long-lasting demand for it.



This item is a 16-bit RISC architecture MCU for switching and PWM applications in the automotive environment. The popularity of this material has shown an overall increase this year, and it has risen to a new high level by November.



This material is a vehicle-level motor driver, which can be used in the vehicle control circuit of new energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and on-board charging systems. The heat of this material was not high before, but it jumped up rapidly in November.


The automobile industry is in the midst of two major waves of new energy and intelligence. Higher energy efficiency and more diversified functions have put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of chips. The recent car core hot search materials cover a wide range, ranging from MCU to analog devices, and are used in various occasions such as automotive kinetic energy systems and multimedia systems. It is a reflection of the increasingly high-end and refined needs of the automotive industry.

The continuous increase in the use of single-vehicle chips is the main driving force for the development of the automotive chip industry, which has even exceeded the increase brought about by the growth of vehicle sales. The functions of the whole vehicle are becoming more and more complex, there is a huge demand for various chips, and the requirements for the integrity of the terminal solution will also be higher. From the perspective of IC Trading Network, whether distributors can provide automotive terminal manufacturers with a wider choice of materials and more comprehensive services will be the key to the competitiveness of the automotive market.