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ON Semiconductor’s smart power products won many honors in China’s “2022 Top 10 Power Product Awards”

SiC Power Modules and Totem Pole PFC Controllers with High Energy Efficiency, High Power Density and High Reliability Help Customers Solve Design Challenges

ON Semiconductor (onsemi, NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and smart sensing technologies, announced that its innovative smart power products have won multiple awards in the “2022 Top 10 Power Product Awards”. Among them, the APM32 series automotive silicon carbide power module won the “2022 Top 10 Power Supply Product Award”, the automotive main drive silicon carbide power module VE-Trac™ Direct SiC won the “Best Application Award”, and the high-power totem pole PFC controller NCP1681 won the ” Green Energy Conservation Award”. The “Top 10 Power Supply Product Award” is hosted by 21IC China Electronics Network and is highly recognized by the industry. The products that have won this award represent their extremely high product strength and technological innovation capabilities this year.


In recent years, the market share of electric vehicles has gradually increased, and industries such as photovoltaics and energy storage have risen, and the demand for power supply products has also increased day by day. ON Semiconductor continues to innovate, vigorously develops and launches market-leading intelligent power solutions, helps customers solve design challenges, and creates differentiated products.


The automotive-grade silicon carbide power module APM32 series, which won the “Top 10 Power Product Award”, is the first product in the industry to combine cutting-edge silicon carbide technology with excellent die-casting mold packaging, and is dedicated to high power from 11 kW to 22 kW On-board charger and high voltage DC-DC conversion. The APM32 enables faster charging and longer range for electric vehicles. With the pre-configured APM32 module format, designers can configure their designs more quickly, greatly reducing time-to-market and design risk. APM32 also provides customers with differentiated solutions.


The main drive inverter is the key to the electrical system of electric vehicles, which directly affects the energy efficiency, performance and endurance of electric vehicles. The VE-Trac™ Direct SiC series of automotive main drive silicon carbide power modules that won the “Best Application Award” is a single-sided water-cooled silicon carbide power module, which has reached a new level in terms of performance, energy efficiency and quality, and solved the problem for electric vehicle owners. The design challenge of the drive inverter is to convert the battery energy into high torque and acceleration, so that the electric vehicle has a longer cruising range, higher energy efficiency and faster acceleration. In addition, the VE-Trac™ Direct SiC series has standardized mechanical dimensions and extended power ratings, allowing designers to easily expand the power output of electric vehicles and accelerate the adoption of electric/hybrid vehicles.


In addition, ON Semiconductor’s high-power totem pole PFC controller NCP1681 won the “Green Energy Saving Award” in this selection, which is required to meet challenging energy efficiency standards, such as “80Plus” or “CoC Tier 2” in a wide load range Provide effective solutions for applications that require high energy efficiency standards, while reducing design time and costs, enabling solutions to be delivered to the market faster. Under high voltage input, the energy efficiency of the NCP1681 totem pole PFC scheme will reach nearly 99%. NCP1681 is specially designed for bridgeless totem pole power factor correction topology. The target application is ultra-high-density high-power offline power supply, including server power supply, high-performance computer power supply, communication power supply, industrial power supply and OLED TV power supply and other applications.