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IGBT price rise continues, driver IC will rebound

1. The demand for automobiles has increased greatly, and IGBT will be out of stock until mid-2024

According to Kechuang Daily citing Taiwan Electronics Times, as the demand for automotive and industrial applications has increased significantly, the expansion of production capacity has been slow, and the certification still needs time and consideration of long-term customer relationships. In addition, Tesla has cut SiC consumption by 75% According to the news, IGBT, which may become one of the alternatives, will be difficult to solve the shortage problem at least until the middle of 2024.

2. It is rumored that the quotation of some driver ICs in April may increase by 10% to 15%

According to Taiwan’s Electronic Times quoted by Science and Technology Board Daily, according to semiconductor industry players, in addition to the performance and capacity utilization rate of TSMC and World Advanced, which are expected to pick up in advance, there are recent rumors in the market that driver IC manufacturers Novatek, Silicon Innovation, etc. will benefit from terminal demand. Steady decline and slow rise, customers replenishing inventory and launching new products, some driver IC quotations will be raised by 10% to 15% in April.

3. It is expected that the average price decline of DRAM will converge to 10%-15% in the second quarter

According to IT House, TrendForce released a report today. Since some suppliers such as Micron and SK Hynix have started to reduce DRAM production, the average price of DRAM has dropped by nearly 20% compared with the first quarter. Converge to 10%-15%.

However, since the recovery of demand in the second half of 2023 is still unclear, the downward cycle of DRAM average price has not yet come to an end. In the current situation where the original factory inventory level is still high, unless there is a larger-scale production reduction, subsequent contract prices are likely to reverse. change.

The average price of PC DRAM will drop by about 10%-15% in the second quarter, the average price of Server DRAM will drop by 13%-18% in the second quarter, the decline of Mobile DRAM will converge to 10%-15%, and the average price of Graphics DRAM will drop by 10% -15%, Consumer DRAM will drop by 10%-15%.

4. Intel will completely launch the 5G baseband market

According to relevant reports quoted by Fast Technology, Intel will transfer the technical solutions for notebook 5G WWAN product development to MediaTek and Fibcom. It is expected to be completed by the end of May, and Intel will completely withdraw from the 5G market by July. In fact, starting from 2021, Intel’s 5G solution for notebooks will use MediaTek’s baseband. In the future, OEM cooperation will be fully continued, and updates and upgrades will be guaranteed.

As for the 4G LTE baseband, considering the stock market, it is expected that the last shipment will be delivered before the end of 2025. In the broad wireless connection market, Intel will continue to develop related technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth.