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The tide of PC replacement next year will boost the demand for chips

1. Industry: The wave of PC replacement will appear next year, and the demand for related chips will increase

According to Taiwan Electronics Times quoted by Science and Technology Board Daily, industry insiders revealed that the chip design industry is preparing for a possible PC replacement wave in 2024, and it is expected that the demand for chips will increase significantly next year.

Although there will be some replenishment needs in the first half of 2023, the PC market has not really recovered this year, and the orders received by PC-related chip manufacturers are still mainly short-term orders. In addition, some suppliers are expected to start shipping new specifications in small batches at the end of the year, and sources said that significant sales momentum will not be seen until 2024.

2. It is said that OLED DDI is gradually shifting to 28nm

According to Taiwan’s Electronic Times quoted by Science and Technology Board Daily, most OLED display driver chip (DDI) manufacturers currently consider cost-effectiveness. OLED DDI production is still based on 40nm, but customer upgrade requirements clearly indicate that OLED DDI is gradually shifting to 28nm.

3. SK Hynix intends to double the production capacity of HBM memory

According to Korean media reports quoted by IT House, industry sources said that SK Hynix received Nvidia’s request for HBM3E samples on June 14 and is preparing to ship them. It is said that SK Hynix is considering a plan to double HBM’s production capacity in consideration of the increased demand for AI semiconductors.

In June last year, SK hynix became the world’s first company to mass-produce high-performance HBM3, thus establishing its market leadership in one fell swoop. After passing the rigorous performance evaluation of HBM3 samples, it successfully met the needs of high-end customers and is currently supplying NVIDIA H100. If SK hynix succeeds in delivering the fifth-generation HBM products, it will further strengthen their leading position in the ultra-fast AI semiconductor market.

4. Intel will invest $25 billion to build a factory in Israel

According to TechWeb citing foreign media reports, a few days after announcing that it would invest in an assembly and testing plant in Poland, Intel has pledged to invest $25 billion in building a new plant in Israel. The plant, located in Kiryat Gat, will open in 2027 and operate until at least 2035, employing thousands of workers, Israel’s finance ministry said.

In early 2021, Intel revived its chip foundry manufacturing business with the goal of competing with TSMC and Samsung. According to reports, Intel has built new factories in Arizona and Ohio. The company has previously said it plans to expand in Europe and Israel.