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ams Osram launches new Mira220 global shutter image sensor, high quantum efficiency drives 2D/3D sensing miniaturization

• The new Mira220 image sensor has high quantum efficiency and can be used with low-power transmitters, regardless of dim lighting conditions;

• The stacked chip design uses ams Osram’s back-illuminated technology, reducing the package size to just 5.3mm x 5.3mm, providing greater design flexibility for manufacturers of smart glasses and other space-constrained products;

• Mira220 is extremely small in size and operates with low power consumption, making it ideal for active stereo vision or 3D structured light systems in drones, robots, smart door locks, and mobile and wearable devices.

ams Osram (SIX: AMS), a leading global provider of optical solutions, announced the Mira220, a 2.2-megapixel global shutter visible and near-infrared (NIR) image sensor with the latest The low power consumption and small size required for advanced 2D and 3D sensing systems for virtual reality (VR) headsets, smart glasses, drones, and other consumer and industrial applications.

Mira220 is the latest addition to the Mira series of pipelined high-sensitivity global shutter image sensors. In the Mira220, ams Osram uses backside illumination (BSI) technology and a stacked chip design, with the sensor layer on top of the digital/readout layer. Mira220 production enables a chip-scale package measuring only 5.3mm x 5.3mm, giving manufacturers greater freedom to optimize the design of space-constrained products such as smart glasses and VR headsets.

This sensor combines the advantages of excellent optical performance with low power operation. Internal testing has shown that Mira220 has a high signal-to-noise ratio and high quantum efficiency of up to 38% at the 940nm near-infrared wavelength used by many 2D or 3D sensing systems. 3D sensing technologies such as structured light or active stereo vision require near-infrared image sensors for functions such as eye and gesture tracking, object detection, depth mapping, and more. Mira220 will advance the use of 2D or 3D sensing in augmented and virtual reality products, industrial applications such as drones, robotics and autonomous vehicles, and in consumer devices such as smart door locks.

Mira220’s high quantum efficiency enables device manufacturers to reduce the output power of near-infrared illuminators used with image sensors in 2D and 3D sensing systems, thereby reducing overall power consumption. Mira220 consumes extremely low power, only 4mW in sleep mode, 40mW in standby mode, and 350mW at full resolution and 90fps. As a result, wearable and portable device manufacturers can specify smaller batteries to save space, or to extend use time on a charge.

Brian Lenkowski, Director of Strategic Marketing, CMOS Image Sensors at ams Osram, said: “Demand for VR and augmented reality devices in emerging markets is growing, as manufacturers design products such as smart glasses to be smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear. Comfort. Mira220 brings new momentum to the market, with extremely low power consumption and high sensitivity at the 940nm wavelength, it not only reduces the size of the sensor itself, but also allows manufacturers to shrink the battery.”

Superior pixel technology

Mira220 uses advanced backside illumination (BSI) technology, which enables it to have very high sensitivity and quantum efficiency with a pixel size of 2.79μm. The sensor has an effective resolution of 1600px x 1400px, a maximum bit depth of 12 bits, and an optical format of 1/2.7″.

The sensor supports external triggering, windowing, and on-chip operations such as horizontal or vertical mirroring. The MIPI CSI-2 interface can be easily connected to a processor or FPGA, and the on-chip registers can be accessed through the I2C interface for easy sensor configuration. Digital Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) and line noise correction provide excellent noise reduction performance.

ams Osram will continue to innovate and expand the Mira range of solutions, offering customers a wide range of resolutions and sizes to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Samples of the Mira220 near-infrared image sensor are available now. For more information, visit

Mira220 image sensor achieves high quantum efficiency at 940nm wavelength, enabling low-power illumination in 2D and 3D sensing systems
Micro Mira220 brings more design flexibility to space-constrained applications such as smart glasses and VR headsets

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