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Born on demand! GigaDevice Launches Breakthrough 1.2V Ultra-Low Power SPI NOR Flash Product Family

  GigaDevice (stock code 603986), an industry-leading semiconductor device supplier, announced the launch of a breakthrough 1.2V ultra-low power SPI NOR Flash product – GD25UF series. This series has reached the international leading level in key performance indicators such as data transmission speed, power supply voltage, and read and write power consumption. It can significantly reduce the power consumption of smart wearable devices, health monitoring, IoT devices or other applications powered by a single battery. Operating power consumption, effectively extending the battery life of the device.

  With the development of the Internet of Things technology, the new generation of smart wearable devices needs to have more functions to meet the needs of consumers. This space-sensitive product puts forward more stringent requirements for system power consumption, and hopes to further improve the battery life of the product. ability. From the perspective of system design, the operating voltage of some advanced process devices is as low as 1.2V. If the required Flash can support 1.2V voltage operation, this will effectively simplify the power supply design and optimize the system cost for the main control. 

  In response to this demand, GigaDevice has launched the GD25UF product series. The operating voltage of this series can be extended to 1.14~1.6V. It has single-channel, dual-channel, quad-channel, and DTR quad-channel SPI mode, supports different capacity options, and can meet the needs of smart devices. Required code storage requirements. In terms of read and write performance, GD25UF has a maximum clock frequency of STR 120MHz and DTR 60MHz, with a lifespan of 100,000 erasing and writing, and the effective storage period of data can reach 20 years. In terms of security, the product has a 128bit Unique ID to achieve encryption effect, bringing high security to the application.

  At the same time, in order to further meet the needs of low power consumption, the GD25UF product series provides two working modes, Normal Mode and Low Power Mode. In Normal Mode, the device read current is as low as 6mA at a frequency of 120MHz for four channels; in Low Power Mode, the device read current is as low as 0.5mA at a frequency of four channels at 1MHz, and the erase and write current is as low as 7mA. Consumption as low as 0.1uA. Compared with SPI NOR Flash powered by 1.8V, the power consumption of 1.2V GD25UF series in Normal Mode is reduced by 33% under the same current condition, and in Low Power Mode, the power consumption under the same frequency is reduced by 70%. Effectively extend the battery life of the device. In addition, the power supply voltage of GD25UF series products supports a wide voltage range of 1.14~1.6V, which can significantly extend the service life of single-cell power supply applications. And this series of products supports SOP8, WSON8, USON8, WLCSP packages, and the full temperature operating range covers -40℃~85℃, -40℃~105℃, -40℃~125℃.

  Mr. Chen Hui, Executive Director of GigaDevice Memory Business Unit, said: “GD25UF series products further enrich GigaDevice’s Flash Memory product line. Its 1.2V low voltage and ultra-low power consumption mode can help small-capacity battery-powered devices improve battery life, even if In the unavoidable battery decay process, it can also maintain an excellent and stable operating state and increase the reliability of the application. Nowadays, battery life has become an important indicator for consumers to purchase products, and the advent of GD25UF series products will be the next generation of products. The ideal choice for wearable devices. As a company that rarely owns 1.2V SPI NOR Flash product lines at home and abroad, GigaDevice is at the forefront of demand, easing the pressure for the design and development of next-generation applications, and shortening customer research and development to a certain extent. cost, allowing them to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.”

  At present, GigaDevice GD25UF series can provide 64Mb capacity samples, and more capacity products will be launched one after another. Customers can contact sales representatives or authorized agents for relevant information.