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ON Semiconductor opens new R&D center in Romania to enhance global design capabilities

The new R&D center covers the entire product development chain, providing cutting-edge semiconductor solutions for automotive and industrial applications

Onsemi (NASDAQ: ON), a leader in smart power and intelligent sensing technologies, recently announced the establishment of a new R&D center in Bucharest, Romania, to further enhance ON Semiconductor’s global design capabilities. The R&D center will focus on developing high-temperature-resistant and durable products for automotive isolation drives and high-precision devices for intelligent sensing, in order to further comply with the trend of automotive and industrial development and fill market demand.

The establishment of a new R&D center in Romania not only further enhances ON Semiconductor’s chip design capabilities and internal engineering solution capabilities, but also provides a strong guarantee for its chip supply to the global market. The new R&D center covers the entire process of new product development, including integrated circuit design, layout, test development, application, technology development, project management and product marketing.

Brian Pickard, vice president of ON Semiconductor’s Power Solutions Division, said: “Achieving a closed loop of the entire development cycle in one R&D center can promote closer collaboration between various links internally, thereby accelerating the process from innovative ideas and R&D to delivery to customers.”

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the accelerated development and evolution of advanced driver assistance systems (hereinafter referred to as “ADAS”) and autonomous driving technologies, the global market demand for high-performance isolated drives and intelligent sensing has exploded. Isolation drives are a critical part of automotive electrical systems, and technological upgrades are critical to improving system energy efficiency, performance, and reliability. At the same time, in the process of the development of automobiles in the direction of intelligence, intelligent perception can provide a more advanced level of safety and achieve a higher level of automatic driving. IntelliSense also enables Industry 4.0 for robotics, scanning and inspection, enabling smarter factories. ON Semiconductor has many years of industry experience and leading technical strength in the fields of high-growth automotive function electronics/electric vehicles, ADAS, autonomous driving and industrial machine vision. Promote technological iteration.