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The semiconductor destocking period is extended, and the packaging and testing plant increases the layout of the car core

1. Semiconductor destocking time may be extended to the third quarter

According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily quoted by Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, there are new changes in the inventory adjustment speed of the semiconductor and electronics industries in the second half of the year. Whether new electronic terminal products such as Apple can drive consumption momentum will be the key.

Observing the inventory status of the semiconductor industry, Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, said a few days ago that this year will pass through the adjustment period of excessive inventory in the industry, but customer inventory is gradually decreasing, and some market terminal demand is seeing a warming phenomenon.

2. Amkor invests in the establishment of factories to enhance the strength of automotive semiconductor packaging

According to relevant reports quoted by SemiMedia, the packaging and testing plant Amkor (Amkor) plans to open a factory in Vietnam in September and plans to start mass production in the fourth quarter.

With the development of electric vehicles and future mobile devices, Amkor focuses on automotive semiconductor packaging. In addition, Amkor plans to invest US$800 million this year in new equipment and technology for high-tech packaging production to ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness.

3. Xinhuazhang released the first hardware simulation system in China that supports large-capacity over 10 billion gates

According to the fast technology report, the local EDA company Xinhuazhang announced an important breakthrough in the field of hardware simulation. The company released the first domestic hardware simulation system HuaMin HuaEmu E1 designed to support a large capacity of over 10 billion gates, which can meet the needs of 15 billion gates. The verification capacity of chip application systems above the gate.

According to the official introduction, this product is based on independent research and development, and has achieved a number of domestic verification technology breakthroughs. It has large-scale scalable verification capacity, automated implementation tools, full-process intelligent compilation, high-speed operating performance, and powerful debugging capabilities, thus greatly assisting hardware and software. Collaborative development improves system-level innovation efficiency and empowers the development of various application fields such as high-performance computing, GPU, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, and wireless communication.

4. It is rumored that Germany will provide 10 billion euros in subsidies for Intel chip factories

According to TechWeb citing foreign media reports, sources said that Intel’s construction of two chip manufacturing plants in Magdeburg, Germany will receive 10 billion euros in subsidies from Germany, higher than the previously agreed 6.8 billion euros. On Monday local time, Intel reached an agreement with the German government to spend more than 30 billion euros to build two chip manufacturing plants in Magdeburg, Germany.

The first chip manufacturing plant in Magdeburg is expected to be operational within four to five years after the European Commission approves the subsidy package, Intel said.

5. Broadcom released the second-generation Wi-Fi 7 wireless connection chip

On June 20, Broadcom released the second-generation wireless connection chip for the Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem. Among them, BCM6765 is optimized for the residential market, BCM47722 is an enterprise access point platform SoC, and BCM4390 is a highly integrated Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5 combination chip, optimized for mobile phone applications.

Broadcom is currently making its second-generation Wi-Fi 7 chips available to early access partners and customers in the retail, enterprise and smartphone, service provider and carrier segments. Contact your local Broadcom sales representative for samples and pricing.