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The MCU market has yet to bottom out, and major chip manufacturers are planning to deploy in India

1. It is said that the MCU market demand is unlikely to bottom out before the fourth quarter

According to DIGITIMES asia quoted by Kechuang Daily, the MCU industry is entering the traditional peak season, but it is difficult to recover the normal peak season market momentum this year. The downstream customers of mainstream consumer-grade CMUs still hold a wait-and-see attitude. Too likely to bottom out.

2. Renesas and Wolfspeed signed a 10-year silicon carbide wafer supply agreement

Wolfspeed, the silicon carbide (SiC) substrate supplier with the largest market share in the world, announced that Renesas signed a 10-year SiC wafer supply agreement with it and paid a deposit of 2 billion US dollars.

According to the agreement, Wolfspeed will supply 150mm SiC bare wafers and epitaxial wafers to Renesas starting in 2025, and will supply 200mm SiC bare wafers and epitaxial wafers to Renesas after the John Palmour manufacturing center in North Carolina, USA is fully operational. Epiwafer.

Renesas Electronics’ deposit of US$2 billion will support Wolfspeed’s expansion of production in North Carolina, with the goal of more than 10 times the current production capacity. The factory will mainly produce 200mm silicon carbide wafers. This size is more difficult to manufacture than 150mm, but it can increase unit production capacity and reduce the overall cost of components.

3. Micron India’s memory packaging and testing plant will start construction next month

According to IT House, in order to promote and expand the technology manufacturing supply chain, the Indian IT Minister plans to achieve local semiconductor production within 18 months. U.S. semiconductor company Micron Technology is building a chip assembly and testing plant in Gujarat, with construction due to begin in August on a $2.75 billion project.

The facility will be built in the Sanand area near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The new factory will enable the assembly and testing of DRAM and NAND products, creating up to 5,000 new direct jobs and jobs over the next five years. 15,000 community job opportunities.

4. Microchip launches a $300 million multi-year investment plan to expand its business in India

Microchip, the original chip manufacturer, announced that it will invest 300 million US dollars in India for many years to expand its business, including improving the production facilities in Bangalore and Chennai, as well as the R&D center in Hyderabad; expanding and strengthening engineering laboratories; serving India’s growing customers The group provides technical support; strengthens talent recruitment; sponsors academic institutions and projects, etc.

With approximately 2,500 employees in India, Microchip supports 2,000 regional customers and helps more than 25 business units develop solutions for industries such as Industrial, Automotive, Data Center, Aerospace & Defense, Communications and Consumer.

5. Realtek’s revenue in the first six months decreased by 23.8% year-on-year, and it is facing the gradual stabilization of demand

According to the Taiwan Business Times, Realtek’s monthly consolidated revenue was NT$9.008 billion, a decrease of 0.1% month-on-month and a decrease of 6.6% year-on-year; the consolidated revenue in the second quarter was 26.291 billion yuan, an increase of 33.97% month-on-month and a decrease of 13.8% year-on-year, reaching the highest level in previous years. The second highest in the same period; the consolidated revenue in the first six months was NT$45.916 billion, a decrease of 23.8% compared with the same period last year.

According to the legal person, Realtek was the first to carry out inventory adjustments for PCs and consumer electronics. At present, urgent orders have entered, reflecting that terminal inventory adjustments are coming to an end, and the third quarter is expected to turn into annual growth. The expansion of application fields has become the next wave of growth momentum. Realtek’s automotive Ethernet products have started shipping, and it is expected to seize the market for automotive chips.

6. It is rumored that the head of Samsung Electronics’ DRAM and foundry department was arrested due to sluggish performance

According to a number of Korean media sources quoted by IT House, Samsung Electronics suddenly replaced the heads of the foundry department and the DRAM department in the unconventional personnel season yesterday, which was interpreted as “a means to make up for the sluggish performance of storage semiconductors in the first half of this year and strengthen the foundry business.” “.

First of all, Zheng Jitai, vice president of the technology development department of Samsung’s foundry business division, was appointed as the highest technical director of the division, and his successor was Jahun Koo. At the same time, the head of the department responsible for the development of DRAM in storage semiconductors was also replaced, and was taken over by Huang Xiangjun, who was originally the vice president of the strategic marketing department. This was interpreted by the industry as a concern for the development of HBM technology.