IGBT supply and demand balance is expected, TSMC has been cut by a major customer

1. Forecast: IGBT may reach a balance between supply and demand in Q3 this year According to the DIGITIMES asia survey quoted by the Science and Technology Board Daily, although the shortage of automotive ICs has generally been alleviated, the demand for power semiconductor devices is still large. DIGITIMES Research analyst David Ma said that […]

IGBT price rise continues, driver IC will rebound

1. The demand for automobiles has increased greatly, and IGBT will be out of stock until mid-2024 According to Kechuang Daily citing Taiwan Electronics Times, as the demand for automotive and industrial applications has increased significantly, the expansion of production capacity has been slow, and the certification still needs time and consideration of long-term customer […]

The “big reshuffle” in the automotive industry takes the core as the core, and the sales of components welcomes transformation opportunities

The sudden epidemic and the macro changes in various backgrounds have directly promoted the transformation of the automobile industry. The sudden interruption of chip supply is mainly to promote the supply chain to “change from line to network”. In the past, members of the chip industry were introduced into the established path consisting of car […]

The two MCU factories received urgent orders, and the destocking process improved

1. Nuvoton and Holtek filled up urgent orders, and the destocking process improved According to the Taiwan Business Times report, the effect of unblocking consumption in mainland China is gradually emerging, which will help to reduce upstream inventory. For some short-term urgent orders, Nuvoton, Holtek and other supply chain performance supplements. Nuvoton’s first-quarter revenue decline […]

Wafer foundry market turns, Infineon expands foundry layout

1. IC design factories start to diversify their supply, and the foundry market turns According to a report from IT House citing Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the semiconductor industry’s prosperity has reversed, and wafer foundry capacity has been loosened. IC design factories are strengthening the supply chain. OEM quotations may face pressure. IC design manufacturers […]

Infineon expands foundry orders and strengthens MCUs for advanced vehicles

1. UMC won an order for automotive MCU from Infineon, and manufactured products using 40nm process According to China Taiwan Business Times, Infineon and UMC jointly announced on the 7th that they signed a long-term cooperation agreement on automotive MCUs to expand Infineon’s MCU production capacity in UMC to serve the rapidly expanding automotive market. […]

Car core demand cools down, 12-inch silicon wafers start inventory adjustment

1. The demand for car cores is cooling down, and the inventory adjustment of 12-inch silicon wafers is started According to Kechuang Daily citing China Taiwan Electronics Times, under the condition that the demand for almost all consumer-grade chip applications has declined, the demand for automotive chips is considered to be a relatively stable key […]